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Who are our competitors in France and abroad? What makes Preset different from other solutions?


Who are our competitors in France and abroad? What makes Preset different from other solutions?

First: what is Preset?

Preset is a cloud computing company that provides high performance workstations in the cloud for businesses. Although it is a relatively new player in the market, Preset has managed to stand out by offering a high-quality solution at a reasonable price with innovative features. However, Preset is not the only company offering cloud workstations, and it faces fierce competition.

The competition: start-ups and heavyweights

Here is a list of some of Preset's most important competitors, with a comparison of their services and their strengths and weaknesses compared to Preset:

  1. Shadow: Shadow is a company that offers computers in the cloud for gamers, but also since 2022 for professionals. They offer a full Windows desktop experience, with fast connection and quality performance. However, Shadow can be more expensive than Preset, with additional costs for some features as well as a complete lack of an integration system to automate business processes.
  2. Weytop: Weytop is a company that offers cloud-based workstations for professionals. They focus on the needs of professionals by offering an experience for office software. Weytop is less flexible than Preset in terms of customising the configuration of virtual computers as well as offering features.
  3. Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop: Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop is a virtual desktop cloud solution that allows companies to provide their employees with secure access to company applications and data. Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop is more complex to set up and manage than Preset, and can be more expensive due to the licensing costs associated with Microsoft software.
  4. Paperspace: Paperspace is a company that offers cloud-based workstations for data science and machine learning professionals. They offer specialised virtual machines for machine learning model training and data management. Paperspace can be more expensive than Preset for users who need less specialised virtual machines, as well as monthly pricing tailored to their needs.

Key features and a unique business philosophy

Preset has the advantage of offering highly customisable virtual machines to meet the specific needs of businesses, whether for office use or larger workloads. Preset is also cheaper than some of its competitors, which can be an advantage for businesses looking to reduce their IT costs.

The big difference between Preset and the rest of the competition is the unique way we have designed our solution from the ground up. We aim to free businesses from the constraints of traditional computing, so we haven't just put a computer in the cloud, we've completely redesigned the workstation to suit new uses. Teleworking and hybrid work scenarios have turned collaboration between teams upside down, our Preset sharing system allows everyone to view their colleague's session in real time but above all to collaborate with them by taking over and making annotations.

We also had to rethink the way we access this computer, we don't always have time to download a client or an application to launch our workstation, so we put the computer in your browser to access it all the time and everywhere, phone, tablet, macOS, and even a connected fridge if you want.

Companies today also need cloud storage and easy file sharing. We are the first to use Preset and having to transfer files to WeTransfer or a comparable solution is annoying. We have therefore integrated a Drive natively into Preset that allows you to upload files directly to your or your colleague's Preset and access them all the time without turning on your machine via your dashboard.

In conclusion, Preset faces fierce competition, but it stands out thanks to its competitive pricing, customisable virtual machines, user-friendly interface and innovative features. For companies looking for an affordable and easy-to-use cloud workstation solution, Preset is an option to seriously consider.

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