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Check out where we are in the development of Preset and our goals for the coming months.


Check out where we are in the development of Preset and our goals for the coming months.

Here is Preset's 2023-2024 roadmap.



Kickstarter Campaign: In 2022, Preset launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their project. The campaign was a success and raised the necessary funds to continue developing the project and reassure the first investors.

October - December

New partnerships: Preset has also developed new strategic partnerships to strengthen its position in the market. These partnerships have allowed Preset to gain access to new customers and to develop its technology more rapidly.


Technological development: Preset continued to develop its technology, particularly for video streaming. Improvements were made to the platform's performance, security and ease of use.


January - March

Rebranding: After the Kickstarter campaign, Preset decided to rebrand to better differentiate itself from its competitors and to better match its vision. The new name, the new logo and the new visual identity were developed to give a more modern and professional image to the company.


Reorientation: Preset finally abandons individuals to focus on businesses and freelancers. This milestone in the life of our company allowed us to start again on a good basis and to keep moving forward.

Next steps

September - Today

- French Tech Lyon: Joining French Tech Lyon will enable us to grow and recruit more easily.
- Implementation of the compensation campaign for the preset delay.
- All Kickstarter backers can sign up at for a free one-year subscription to Preset's cloud gaming service: PlayerOne.

October - November

- New website.
- Official Release: The official release of Preset will be launched in October-November 2023. This release will include all of the platform's key features and will be ready for enterprise use. Preset also plans to launch new features and add new partners to expand its reach.

December (Abandoned)

Launching Preset Remote: a free solution based on Preset technology to stream your PC and your favorite games via a web browser.

NOTE: Our immediate task was to launch Preset Remote, which, like Parsec, would allow remote control of a computer via Preset's streaming technology. We realised that this was a good idea, but that it could wait. So we're concentrating on Preset and PlayerOne.


January - March

New hires: In order to guarantee the sustainability and development of Preset we will launch a major recruitment campaign in January 2024 to attract the best talents from different parts of Europe.


Launch of a new service: PlayerOne. PlayerOne will be a community-focused cloud gaming service. We want to make cloud gaming more accessible and above all more flexible, thanks to the community, which will have a major decision-making role. More details to follow.


Expansion of Preset in Germany and England.

To achieve these milestones and secure the company's future, Preset's roadmap includes the following:

Technology Enhancement: Preset will continue to invest in the development of its technology to improve the performance, security and usability of the platform.

Brand Strengthening: Preset will seek to strengthen its brand by focusing on product quality, technological expertise and responsiveness to customer needs as well as diversifying with new offerings.

Financing Acquisition: Preset will seek to acquire additional financing to support its growth and market expansion. This financing acquisition will include venture and development capital investments to support the company's growth.

Development of Strategic Partnerships: Preset will continue to develop strategic partnerships with companies in various industries to expand its reach and enhance its products and services.